National Scholarship Programme

Applicants from Slovakia

The programme offers:

  • scholarships covering living costs
    • related to a study stay abroad (1 — 2 semesters or 1 — 3 trimesters) of students of Slovak universities during their Master studies
    • related to a study/research stay abroad (1 — 12 months) of PhD students of Slovak universities or research organisations eligible to carry out PhD study programme (e. g. the Slovak Academy of Sciences) during their PhD studies


  • travel grants — contributions to travel costs related to study, research, artistic or teaching stays abroad of students of Slovak universities during their Master studies, full‑time PhD students of Slovak universities during their PhD studies and university teachers, researchers or artists of Slovak universities and the Slovak Academy of Sciences*

*Students and PhD students can apply for travel grant directly together with a scholarship (they submit just a scholarship application form), or independently, without a scholarship (they submit just a travel grant application form).


Countries to choose from for a scholarship stay

The Programme is not country limited. You can apply for a scholarship stay in any country of the world.


Amount of scholarship

The amount of a scholarship is set for every country individually. It shall cover average living costs during scholarship stay. When setting the amount of a scholarship, just living costs are taken into consideration. It does not cover other costs, e. g. tuition fee.

At (in Slovak only) a list of countries can be found, to which scholarships have already been granted.


Amount of travel grant

Travel grant is a contribution related to travel costs to and from a scholarship stay. Scholarship stay shall last at least one month, in the case of students at least one academic term (semester/trimester). Selection Committee awards the amount of a travel grant taking into consideration up-to-date prices of transportation and the Programme financial possibilities.


Application procedure

Applicants shall apply on-line at System opens not later than 6 weeks before the application deadline. After submitting on-line application form (with all attachments), applicant shall send original of signed hard copy of application form to SAIA Bratislava not later than on the day of the application deadline. Information on application forms, required documents and sending/submitting the required documents can be found at the Programme website.


Call for applications

  • 30 April by 16:00 CET — scholarship stays for the next academic year
  • 31 October by 16:00 CET — scholarship stays for the summer semester of the running academic year


Detailed information about the Programme (in Slovak only)

List of countries, to which scholarships have already been granted (in Slovak only)

Last modified: 2015-03-05