The programme offers:

  • scholarships covering living costs for:
    • students studying at universities in Slovakia in order to undertake a study stay (1 — 2 semesters or 1 — 3 trimesters) outside Slovakia during their master‘s studies, or a research/artistic stay (3 — 6 months) closely related to the completion of applicant‘s master thesis;
    • PhD students studying at universities (including external education institutions, e.g. Slovak Academy of Sciences) in Slovakia in order to undertake a study and/or research/artistic stay (1 — 10 months) outside Slovakia during their doctoral studies;
    • postdoctoral researchers working at universities and research organisations in Slovakia in order to undertake a research stay (2 — 6 months) outside Slovakia
  • travel grants - a flat rate to cover travel costs in order to undertake a study and/or research/artistic stay supported by the Programme.

Postdoctoral researcher is a university teacher or a researcher working at a university or in a research organisation in Slovakia who was awarded a PhD degree (on the day of the respective application deadline, it must not have passed more than 10 years since the applicant was awarded the PhD degree).

Eligible applicants are citizens of the Slovak Republic regardless of place of permanent residence, citizens of EU/EEA/Switzerland member states with the right of residence, or with the pernament residence, or foreigners from 3rd countries with permanent/long-term residence in the Slovak Republic.


Countries to choose from for a scholarship stay

The Programme is not country limited. You can apply for a scholarship stay in any country of the world.


Amount of the monthly scholarship

The amount of the scholarship is set for every country separately. The scholarship shall cover average living costs in the respective country during the stay. When setting the amount of the scholarship, only living costs are taken into consideration; it does not cover other costs, e.g. tuition fee.

Amounts of monthly scholarships to the countries where scholarship stays have already been carried out is available at (in Slovak only).


Amount of a travel grant

The amount of the travel grant depends on the distance (in a direct line) between applicant's place of residence in Slovakia and the place of his/her stay abroad:

  • distance up to 200 km – 0 €,
  • distance more than 200 km, max. 300 km – 50 €,
  • distance more than 300 km, max. 500 km – 100 €,
  • distance more than 500 km, max. 1 000 km – 250 €,
  • distance more than 1 000 km, max.2 000 km – 350 €,
  • distance more than 2 000 km, max.3 000 km – 500 €,
  • distance more than 3 000 km, max. 5 000 km – 750 €,
  • distance more than 5 000 km, max. 7 000 km – 1 100 €,
  • distance more than 7 000 km – 1 500 €.

Application procedure

Applications are submitted online at (in Slovak only). Online application system is opened at least 6 weeks prior to the application deadline. Applications must be submitted in the online application system till the application deadline. The detailed information on submitting applications and required documents is available only in the Slovak version of terms and conditions. 


Calls for applications

  • 30 April till 16:00 CET — scholarship stays during the next academic year,
  • 31 October till 16:00 CET — scholarship stays during the summer semester of the current academic year.


Detailed information about the Programme (in Slovak only)

List of countries where scholarship stays have already been carried out (in Slovak only)