We would like to inform you that the deadline for submitting applications for scholarships within the National Scholarship Program of the Slovak Republic, which was originally planned for 30 April 2020, is postponed - the new application deadline is:


18. 5. 2020 till 16:00 CET


We would also like to inform the applicants that the conditions for submitting applications have been modified, in particular in the following areas:

  • the restrictions on re-awarding the scholarship will not apply,
  • the submission of applications is exclusively on-line (in the case of international applicants, the delivery of the original of the admission/invitation letter is not required within the application process),
  • the possibility of accepting alternatives to the required documents is being introduced, in particular in cases caused by extraordinary circumstances due to force majeure (details can be found in the conditions),
  • the possibility of granting scholarships to applicants who would otherwise not be eligible is being introduced (in particular in cases caused by extraordinary circumstances affected by force majeure), namely:
    • in case of applicants from Slovakia for stays abroad – category „postdoctoral applicant “ – a scholarship may also be awarded to applicants who have been awarded a PhD degree more than 10 years ago, but not more than 13 years,
    • in the case of international applicants for stays in Slovakia – category „university teacher/researcher/artist without PhD degree (or its equivalent) “ – a scholarship may also be awarded to applicants with more than 4 years of work experience, but not more than 7 years,
  • during the selection process, the selection committee may take into account cases where the previous stay with a NŠP scholarship was negatively affected by extraordinary circumstances caused by force majeure (i.e. the stay could not be realized or had to be terminated earlier or the time of the stay could not be fully used),
  • in case that exceptional circumstances caused by force majeure shall be taken into account, the applicant is obliged to describe such circumstances in his/her application (e.g. in a separate document attached), otherwise they won’t be considered; however, it is the right of the Programme Administrator to decide whether the extraordinary circumstances described by the applicant are worth special consideration and there is no legal right of the applicant to such exceptions within the selection process.

The above described changes to the conditions are released by SAIA, n. o. with the consent of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, with the aim of mitigating the negative impact of the measures against the spread of COVID-19.

The full wording of the new conditions applicable to the upcoming deadline 18 May 2020: 

  • in Slovak: download PDF file (click here)
  • translation of the programme terms and conditions for international applicants into English (click here).